Millennium Clinic

White Spot Treatment

Dr. Kavita Agarwal (M.S, M.Ch.), a plastic surgeon, started his surgical practice in 1997, by establishing Millenium Clinic, a speciality clinic which caters exclusively towards eradicating vitiligo, this was a new concept as there are no clinics which treat vitiligo exclusively.Dr. Kavita Agarwal received her training in Autologous Melanocyte Transplantation in 2007. As we are few of the who did this with excellent track record in India, she was fortunate enough to be consulted by thousands of patients who were not responding to other treatment modalities and this has given him enormous experience in treating vitiligo.  As 2-3 percent of the population is affected with vitiligo or white spot, and there is a lack of good surgical treatment available, she felt that it was necessary to start a vitiligo clinic, where patients would feel comfortable to make use of the latest method and technology in medical and surgical treatment under one roof.

White spot or Vitiligo is the loss of pigment or the melanocyte cell and can occur in any age right from birth to old age. Melanocyte transplant is the method to treat stable vitiligo, white spot caused due to injury and post birth marks can be treated.

She has been treating white spot cases since 10 years with excellent results.


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