Acrofacial Vitiligo

In Acrofacial Vitiligo Depigmentation occurs on parts away from the center of the body such as face, head, hands and feet.

The term Acrofacial Vitiligo refers to the common distribution of milky white or light pink patches in which it spreads in limited parts, away from the center of the body. People suffering with Acrofacial Vitiligo usually have a lot of emotional distress, since the disease effects the exposed parts of the body, which socially becomes embarrassing.

Acrofacial Vitiligo is a result of stress. It is the prime culprit, which in turn affects the immune system of the individual. Removal of the pigments of the skin is the result. Typical symptoms, which are commonly seen, include premature greying of hairwhite patchesuveitissensitivity to sun and golden brown patches in the area around the mouth, eyes and nostrils. Psychological or physical stress increases the risk of spreading of vitiligo.

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